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Pros trust ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filters to save time editing color for photos and video.  ExpoDiscs are calibrated and tested in the USA for 18% light transmission and for neutrality to ensure great color and exposure in your images.  Visit ExpoDisc.com to learn more about the ExpoDisc or for product support.



Rogue Photographic Design develops versatile, portable light modifiers for speedlight enthusiasts.  Rogue lighting tools give you the creative freedom you need to light beautifully on location.  Visit RogueFlash.com to watch lighting videos, learn more about Rogue modifiers or for product support. 



Flat Hat Labs designs cool gear for drone pilots.  Flat Hatting is defined as "unauthorized flying or stunting."  The first Flat Hat products are collapsible, easy-to-carry drone pads that provide a clean, easy-to-see target for drone takeoffs and landings.  Protect your valuable drone's sensors and camera from rotor wash and debris.