About ExpoImaging


Based on the Central Coast of California, ExpoImaging designs, manufactures, markets and distributes innovative photographic and drone accessories.  

ExpoImaging is the pioneer in digital white balance filters. It is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Rogue Light Modifiers, ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filters and FlatHat Labs. ExpoImaging is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of the CapBuckle Lens Cap Holder.

ExpoImaging's first product, the ExpoDisc White Balance Filter, was the brainchild of ExpoImaging CEO Erik Sowder's grandfather George Wallace.

ExpoImaging then created the Rogue Photographic Design brand for portable lighting tools.  Rogue FlashBenders shapeable light modifiers were the first products developed under the Rogue brand.

ExpoImaging's latest brand, FlatHat Labs, designs cool gear for drone pilots, including FlatHat collapsible drone pads.