Loupedeck 2.0 beta Software Update

Software download is available at https://loupedeck.com/setup/

I.    Loupedeck Software 2.0 supports: 

    A.    Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (v7.2 and above)

    B.    Phase One Capture One Pro (Beta support)

    C.    Adobe Lightroom 6 (not fully supported).  For full support of Adobe Lightroom 6, please use Loupedeck software 1.5.2 (Win) or 1.5.1 (Mac).

II.    New Features:

    A.    New develop preset set (courtesy of Loke Roos)

    B.    New buttons opened for Customizing, giving five in total:
        1.  Pick -button
        2. Zoom (left)
        3. Zoom (right)
        4. C2
        5. C3

    C.    New customizable options for C1:
        1. Basic -panel adjustments
        2. Detail -panel adjustments (sharpening, noise reduction)
        3. Effects -panel adjustments
        4. Lens Correction -panel adjustments
        5. (Raw) Calibration -panel adjustments
        6. Split Toning -panel adjustments
        7. Tone (Curve) -panel adjustments
        8. Transform -panel adjustments

    D.    Dial-press reset value adjustment can be set to a value other than zero

    E.    New customization options for C2/C3:
        1.     Assignable tools:
            a. Adjustment Brush
            b. Radial Filter
            c. Graduated Filter
            d. Spot Removal
            e. Red Eye Removal
            f. Crop tool

    F.    Auto Settings: White Balance

    G.    New Zooming modes:
        1.     Zoom in/out (in 4 steps)
        2.    Zoom in/out (all 13 steps)

    H.    New customization option for Export: Open image in Photoshop

    I.    When Crop tool is activated:
        1.     C2 tilts crop area horizontally / vertically
        2.    C3 changes crop overlay(s)
        3.    Assign pre-defined aspect ratios and develop presets to P1-P8

    J.    When Brush tool is activated, C1 adjusts brush tip size
    K.    New additional functions can be assigned to C1 dial rotate and dial press

    L.    Different functions can be assigned to Custom Buttons C2 and C3 within the Develop- and Library modules of Lightroom

    M.    Hidden Keyboard Modifiers.
        1.    Press FN and  */COL to enable keyboard modifiers
        2.    Following Functions available
            a. * / COL : ESC
            b. * : SHIFT
            c. ** : CTRL
            d. *** : Win Start/Command
            e. **** : ALT / Option
            f. ***** :TAB

    N.    FN and */COL disables Keyboard Modifiers