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ExpoDiscs for Video and Hybrid Video/Still Applications

"I used a 77mm ExpoDisc White Balance Filter on my DSLR during the production of my documentary COTTON-TOP. The film was shot in November of 2009 in the tropical dry forests of Colombiaʼs Caribbean Coast. A lightweight, reliable and accurate white balancing filter was needed to assure the best cinematography possible. ExpoImagingʼs ExpoDisc certainly met expectations and was a useful tool for this natural history documentary. As one of the pioneers in DSLR filmmaking, I highly recommend the ExpoDisc for field cinematography."

"I used several lenses with my Canon 7D camera during production. The lenses were interchanged frequently, so, consequently, one big ExpoDisc was required to fit them all. The 77mm ExpoDisc was a great choice that proved effective for every lens. Additionally, its performance was very accurate even when used in mixed light conditions. It's extremely easy to use, fits on quickly and even comes with a protective pouch and belt attachment. The accuracy of the ExpoDisc is outstanding."

C O T T O N - T O P from Federico Pardo Caicedo on Vimeo.



- Federico Pardo

"The expodisc worked beautifully and allowed the camera to render a very well-balanced indoor color. You just can't imagine how much easier this will make the video setup in the field. Incidentally, I'm using it on my Nikon D700 and it does a tremendous job with incandensent lighting. This is one product that is worth every penny."

- Steve M. Somen

"I primarily use the white balance disc for outdoor wildlife filming in all kinds of weather and temperatures. It has been amazing how the colors pop when the disc is used. It's so easy to use and reuse as lighting changes... I am very pleased to have purchased this very useable tool.  Thanks for a great product."

- Michael Tiemann

"I'm a professional wildlife photographer and the host/producer of a TV show called "Wild Photo Adventures" and we have four of your Expodiscs that we use religiously. I use them for my still photography and all of my videographers on the show use them on the video cameras. The Expodisc is unbelievably accurate and has made my videographers job a lot easier. All of our filming is done outdoors and the lighting is constantly changing, and most of the time it's not feasible to white balance off of a white card because of the terrain; your Expodisc allows us to quickly get an accurate white balance in any situation."

- Doug Gardner - Wild Photo Adventures TV - www.wildphotoadventures.com

"I'm a documentary filmmaker and workshop instructor.  I bought your 72mm ExpoDisc for video and it's great.  BTW: I've been recommending ExpoDisc to all my workshop students, plus am planning to review the product in my monthly column on The Digital Journalist."

- PF Bentley

"Love the Expodisc for Video!  It acts just like my old 18% gray card, but it's much easier to use.  I just hold it up in front of my video camera, aim it at my light source, and then shoot my subject.  It's like an incident light meter... only better!  And I have the big 4x5.65 size so it works with all of my cameras, even those with matte boxes installed.  One device to color balance all of my cameras?  I love this thing!"

- Rod Harlan - Founder of the Digital Video Professionals Association (DVPA)

"We just finished shooting our first podcast for the crazy8s film festival in Vancouver B.C... I would like to boast about the filming we did on this podcast.  I shot incredible images using the Panasonic DVX 100B camera and the most used tool I own, the expo disc white balance filter!  In post production, the director/editor was astounded at the color balance produced from the camera.  He said he tried and tried every new frame to color correct but it was NOT necessary as the expo disc balanced everything perfectly.  It saved him hours of work as we had a tight deadline for the first podcast.  To say the least, the director is extremely pleased with this kind of "help" in this industry as anything that can shave time off post production is a bonus... Thanks again expo disc for a truly exceptional product that delivers."

- Mike Tucker. Professional Photographer/ Videographer

"The ExpoDisc has been an invaluable tool for video. White balancing has never been easier or more precise. I no longer have to hand a white card to a buddy and try to explain the nuances of proper white card placement in the field. I can do the job all by myself and more importantly, Quickly! While videotaping in the mountains, I surprised a family of deer grazing in a picnic area. I snapped on my ExpoDisc to my Sony, did a quick snap white balance, and got great colors without any of the pesky color blooming that can happen in spotty lighting conditions.

The Warm-tone balancer made my scenics pop out like nothing else I've used. The skies went to a nice deep rich blue, and the stone outcroppings of the Sierra really showed off their striations, and I had NO LOSSS OF CONTRAST so commonly associated with stacking cheaply made warming filters onto my lens. When polarizer's aren't useful due to wide-angle shots, a warm balance does the same job without losing the rich saturation."

- Tony Donatelli - Photographer-Videographer, Palo Alto, CA

"My name is Richard Matthew, I am an event and wedding videographer, and the President/Owner of JDM Video Productions, Inc. based in the Bronx, NY....

Prior to purchasing the Expo Disc, I was using a white board to do my white balancing, and was constantly having a problem with color rendition....

Now that I'm using the the Expo Disc to white balance my digital video camera, I am very impressed with the results that I get. The color is crisp and the definition is intense.

What I find most useful, however, is how easy it is to use. You just place the disc over the lens and point to the dominant light source - and it works in any lighting conditon. The Expo Disc is a must for every videographer who is producing professional video."

- JDM Video Productions, Inc. - Bronx, New York

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