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"While shooting for Sarah's portfolio, I noticed a lackluster appearance to her images.  I was thinking of everything I could to bring some color and drama to the setting we were in, but noting seemed to work.  It was truly industrial but lacked any color punch.  So I went into my bag and took out my Rogue Gel Kit.  I put a Full CTO gel on my SB900 main light and a Tough Plus Green on my SB800 backlight.  I then set my camera's white balance to Tungsten, getting perfect white balance on her skin, hair, and clothing and letting the background go to that great aqua color.  The Rogue Gel Kit came to my rescue here!  Not only did I get a great result, I had a very, very happy client."

- Robert Harrington - Robert Harrington Studios - http://robertharringtonstudios.com/

"After a presentation at BH Photo Event Space, my model Bernadette stayed for a workshop in Times Square.  We shot Auto White balance to adjust for the crazy, crazy light and gelled my SB900 with a 1/4 CTO Rogue Gel.  All images are direct raw to jpeg conversions with no white balance adjustment.  Some of the colored light of Times Square affected the White Balance, but I chose not to adjust so I could see how well the gel worked.  The gels are fantastic!!"

- Robert Harrington - Robert Harrington Studios - http://robertharringtonstudios.com/

Our goal is to continue designing innovative and versatile tools for photographers.  Realizing that lighting filters [gels] are a widely used commodity in photography, we approached this project with the intention of adding value by making our gels easier to use.  The Rogue Gels' innovative design improves the overall convenience of using gels by making them easier to identify, attach, and stow away.  No other gel system is as easy to use, or I think, as elegant.

- Erik Sowder - CEO, ExpoImaging, Inc.

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