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Rogue FlashBenders

"As an avid amateur photographer I NEVER wanted to even attempt flash/lighting photography.   I didn't want to invest in expensive lighting equipment and take it with me on photo shoots.   Since finding your products I want them all and can't wait to learn how to use my flashes."

- Tom Brandt - Milwaukee, WI

"I recently attended a one night class with David Guy Maynard in Charlotte, NC, and found that great photographs can be achieved with my small budget. The Rogue FlashBender has opened a new door for my photography. I am now adding a 3rd Speedlite and will not need one or two assistants along with a truck to do location work. This is a MUST HAVE for any photographer."

- Bill Hanna - www.wchannaphotography.com

"I own ALL the products and love them. I'm getting great results with the FlashBenders, ExpoDisc and Ray Flash. Here's a shot of the FlashBender (left strobe) in use during a recent wedding reception I shot. I loved the way the FlashBender gave me control over the quality and direction of the light. WAY easier to use than some sort of softbox in this kind of application!"

- Chris Paulis - chrispaulisphotography.com

This is a composite of three shots: my dad and two uncles using Rogue FlashBenders. I really like it. I just held the flash in my left hand and shot with my right hand using the large bender. I find it makes my flash way more usable and I'll have to start carrying around more batteries.

- Shawn Davie - www.shawndavie.com

I absolutely love this product. I started using it right out of the box and it does everything you said it would do.

- Dave Updegraff

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