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ExpoDisc Neutral White Balance

"The ExpoDisc makes a huge difference.  I have done a number of tests on my video shoots, comparing the ExpoDisc to my Canon 7D AWB and the ExpoDisc always makes the image better.  I shoot video so little chance to fix any problems in post.  The ExpoDisc is required for my work."

- Jack Robertson - The Robertson Group, Inc. www.robertsongroup.com

"I bought the 82mm ExpoDisc over a month ago and it is by far THE BEST tool I have found for PERFECT color balance and I have been doing this a long time!!  It is spectacular for indoor sports, outdoor wildlife, portraits with strobes, portraits outside....well I use it on EVERY shoot!!  I wear my ExpoDisc like a piece of jewelry now :-)  Love it!!  It rocks!!"

- Aperture By Steve Davis - Professional Sports & Nature Photographer - www.aperturebystevedavis.com

"I LOVE my expodisc! It has saved me so much editing time and I don't have to guess at correct color anymore!"



- Tiffany Fuller - A Picture's Worth Photography

"I ran some tests with [the ExpoDisc] against Nikon’s auto white balance and a couple of the pre-set white balance options. The D300 white balance options failed. I then compared the ExpoDisc against my color meter, again, shooting with my D300. Spot on! The two are so close, you can’t see the difference. Excellent product, the ExpoDisc! I’ll never go back to letting my D300 set white balance. The expodisc has a permanent place in my bag of goodies."

- Dave Randolph

"Love expodisc!!!!  Small and easy to use. Great color temperature!"

- Danielle Ardoin Doré, DDS - ORTHODONTICS - www.DoreSmiles.com

"The ExpoDisc has seriously changed my photography and post processing. I now get the color just right while I’m actively shooting, they look AMAZING even when I sneak a peek at the viewfinder, and my editing time has reduced dramatically. I wish I had known about the ExpoDisc sooner because it is super easy to get the hang of and would have saved me lots of time, like it is now. Highly recommend the ExpoDisc to any photographer. It’s a small investment for a huge difference in your images."

- Emily Snitzer - Emily Snitzer Photography - www.emilysnitzer.com

I used my new ExpoDisc several times last week as I shot pee wee baseball games while the light was changing from daylight to dark. I always keep it handy. I have also used it successfully while shooting concerts, and in different indoor situations. ExpoDisc is a valuable tool, and easy to learn to use. 

- Keith Birmingham

"I've been shooting pictures in a more serious manner for almost a decade and I've had so many color balance issues over the years, often unhappy with all the presets on my cameras (and even the custom white balance, which often wasn't much better), and generally plagued with doubt, uncertainty, and stress over the color balance in my pictures.

I just bought the ExpoDisc Neutral and for the first time feel like I can breathe easier and know that I can now get consistently pleasing white balance. Thank you so much - it's the best $100 dollars I've ever spent on photography gear!"

- Robert Gibbons

"I purchased both versions of your ExpoDisc from B&H Photo in the last month. FANTASTIC! They make the best WB I have ever had! I shoot with a Canon 1D Mk IV with a 77mm lens and both have worked flawlessly! You have solved my white balance difficulties with one easy step!

Your instructional videos are perfect and very helpful! Your videos on YouTube have been a great help. It's great to have this kind of support and instruction. AND your customer service group is by far the best I have had the pleasure to speak with! I have received TWO replies to my email. Now that is SERVICE and the sign of a great company. When a company takes this type of interest in their customers then they must have great products that have been thoroughly tested and are an asset to all photographers. I do hope I didn't make this too wordy, however, my use of the ExpoDisc is outstanding.

Bravo!! I shall now purchase your Ray Flash and I think I am going to be very pleased with that also."

- John Unglert - New Jersey

Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for your [David Maynard Photography] easy-going but informative tuition videos I found online. I am a 65 year-old enthusiastic amateur with a 5D, and I always had problems getting the white balance to show correctly. You demo'd the Expodisc, I purchased one and now I'm getting correct colour in my images.

Thank you very much.


- Alvin Matthews

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