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"I also wanted to let you know that the Ray Flash has been invaluable. This is one shot from a recent fake wedding workshop that was taken using the Ray Flash. It gives great fill light on sunny days."

- Ian Murray - http://www.meetup.com/photoworks

"I have purchased the Ray Flash ring flash and used it during my recent photo shoot. I am so pleased with the results I got! I was able to get beautiful light not only shooting indoors but also shooting outdoors while the sun was very strong and the shadows, without the use of the ring flash, would have been very strong. Ray Flash filled those shadows beautifully. I even used it with other light sources just to experiment, and the TTL metering did a great job adjusting the Ray Flash's light output. I love how light and portable, and affordable the Ray Flash is. It is also very beautifully designed, so whenever I pulled it out of my bag, I get many compliments from my clients and fellow photographers."

- Syliva Wells - www.sylviawellsphotography.com

I was shooting at a Yelp elite event and had my Ray Flash on my Nikon SB800 speedlight. I love the Ray Flash for events like this because it really does perform well in these types of settings where you are moving around into different low-light settings.  It is also a great way to start up conversations about your photography because everyone asks you about the Ray Flash.
I am not sure exactly what I did wrong, but the Ray Flash actually flew off my speed life when I went to turn to take someone’s photo.  I saw the unit just float in the air, but then land on concrete.  I was completely devastated.
The next day I started an email correspondence with Brian at ExpoImaging.  I explained to him that I really thought I did everything correctly in putting the Ray Flash on my speedlight.  He was very patient with me, and when I got back to him a week later with pictures of the unit showing where the damage was, he immediately told me to send the unit back and they would replace it with a new one.  I was beyond happy.
For someone like me, it is great to know the ExpoImaging staff takes time to listen to their customers, even the ones that can’t explain the situation in the most technical of terms.  It’s this experience that has me checking their website regularly to see what new equipment they have.
Thanks to Brian and everyone at ExpoImaging…

- Will Anzenberger

The members of the Santa Maria Police Department crime lab have had the pleasure of utilizing the Ray Flash since the latter part of 2009. A large part of our duties in the crime lab include the use of digital photography. Proper photo documentation of crime scenes, suspect/victim injuries, autopsies and macro photography work with evidentiary items in the lab has been greatly enhanced with the use of the Ray Flash. It has been most helpful involving close up photography of latent prints as well as documenting injuries as it produces very even lighting at close range without washing out the details. We have used the adaptor with our SB900 Nikon flash units and D70/D300 Nikon cameras with great success. I would highly recommend the Ray Flash as an alternative to very expensive ring lights, producing equivalent, if not better results!

- Tim Sutcliffe - Crime Lab Supervisor for the Santa Maria Police Department

I was in a function where there were more than 50 photographers carrying professional digital cameras, including Hassellblad, Nikon D3X, etc. When I put on my Ray Flash, I grabbed the attention of both the photographers and the models alike. Everyone seemed to recognize the Ray Flash but had yet to try it. After snapping some full length potraits on the models in the fashion show, fellow photographers asked me to show them the results. Equipped with a Nikon D200 camera, Nikon AF 60mm G ED Macro lens, Nikon SB800 flash and a Ray Flash, I showed them a full length potrait and I zoomed in on the model's eye. The eye, pupil and iris of the model was so clear that the photographers started to take photos of the Rayflash! Yes, it was the Rayflash that made my portrait shine.
Since the days of film photography, I've always checked the eyes of my models whenever I take a potrait, but even when I use additional accessories with my flash, including reflectors, a tripod and the sharpest prime lenses such as the Nikon AF DC 105mm, the iris and pupils of the models are seldom within reach. Therefore, I was very excited to see how easy it was to capture every little definition within the eye when I used the Ray Flash.
I have used the Ray Flash now for more than 20 hours of photo sessions and I'm looking forward to using it for more activities, including group photos, fill light, etc. It fits perfectly into my Lowepro, so I always bring it whenever I use my flash.

- Chin Khi - Malaysia

- Erwin Layaoen - Bay Area Model Photo Shoots

"Wow after Wow after Wow. Either shooting a quick and quirky wedding portrait or a client based photo shoot the same exclamation repeats itself. The RayFlash gets the results my subjects and I love. The RayFlash is great for close portraits and it works equally well at distances up to 10 feet, still allowing me to keep a good depth of field and great quality of light. I use the RayFlash with my Canon 5D MK II & Canon 580EX II. It now has a permanent spot in my flash kit."


- Mark Allen - Phat Photography

"I bought the flash for my husband, and he absolutely loves it! He has been frustrated with the flash properties of his camera for a couple years now (directional issues, shadows etc.) and the ring flash was exactly what he needed."

- Julie Balk

"My friend took a great family picture (my family) using the ring flash, it is pretty amazing....."

- Kristie F. - California

"I purchased the Ray Flash for my SB800 flash and it works great. All the wedding detail shots that are done close up are perfect with nice even light."

- John Kadlec - John Kadlec Photography - Cedar Rapids, IA

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