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ExpoDisc Portrait White Balance

"I have to say, I wasn't totally convinced that the ExpoDisc was going to be that good but OMGGGG... SOOO COOL... LOVE IT."

- Geoff Wilkings - www.geoffwilkings.com

"I purchased both versions of your ExpoDisc from B&H Photo in the last month. FANTASTIC! They make the best WB I have ever had! I shoot with a Canon 1D Mk IV with a 77mm lens and both have worked flawlessly! You have solved my white balance difficulties with one easy step!

Your instructional videos are perfect and very helpful! Your videos on YouTube have been a great help. It's great to have this kind of support and instruction. AND your customer service group is by far the best I have had the pleasure to speak with! I have received TWO replies to my email. Now that is SERVICE and the sign of a great company. When a company takes this type of interest in their customers then they must have great products that have been thoroughly tested and are an asset to all photographers. I do hope I didn't make this too wordy, however, my use of the ExpoDisc is outstanding.

Bravo!! I shall now purchase your Ray Flash and I think I am going to be very pleased with that also."

- John Unglert - New Jersey

"I purchased a ExpoDisc in February and I have to say it is the BEST investment I've made in a long time! It has saved me from hours of color adjusting and I wouldn't separate from it for anything!"

- John Bergsing

I've recently had the chance to use the ExpoDisc Professional Digital White Balance Portrait Filter and have found it to be just what the Dr. ordered! I use a Canon 50D and I recently used it to shoot our church directory portraits. I used the filter with a mix of flash heads and had excellent skin tone and color results.

I'm extremely pleased with this product and have told others about it. After sharing my images, they are planning on purchasing one also! It is now a permanent item in my camera bag (I can hardly wait to use it on my fall trip to Hawaii!!).

Thank you for the opportunity to share my excitement for the ExpoDisc!

- Doug Jenkins

"ExpoDisc takes the guess work out of white balance, and it's never failed me.  I really thought I would only use it for my portrait work with actors, but to my surprise, I simply use it all the time.  With my mustang photos my favorite time to shoot is at sunset and ExpoDisc again comes through with the most beautiful tones.  It saves me time in front of the computer, so that I can do more of what I love...shooting!"

- Kimerlee Curyl

"I've just done my first portrait session using the Expodisc. All I can say is.... WOWWWW!!! I've never had such perfect skin tones and such accurate white balance before. I'll be contacting you soon to get the regular (neutral) disc as well. Many, many thanks for a great product."

- Mark Oristano - Mark Oristano Photography - Dallas, TX

"I bought your ExpoDisc about 1 1/2 years ago & I'm completely satisfied. I no longer have to color correct any of my images when I use the ExpoDisc. I am currently printing all of my own work on an Epson 4000 printer. On occasion I send a few images to a processing lab & they are not applying any color corrections to my work at all. I have since told several other photographers about the expo disc & they have bought them... My colors look great in studio & out. Your company has helped me to get the best digital photos in my area. Thanks for the great product"

- Don Hileman - New Visions Photography

"I now have two 77mm ExpoDiscs. Would not want to be without them. Makes my photo-Life so much easier."

- Barton

"I received the "new" version of your ExpoDisc in the mail replacing the other version I recently bought.

I can't begin to tell you how much better my digital photos look after using the ExpoDisc. My pictures have looked better in the last three weeks than they have in the four years I have been shooting digital. Skin tones are spot on, especially when I shoot in shade most of the time.

I shoot Canon and Olympus cameras for wedding photography and color balance has been a hit and miss with both cameras. I photograph 40-45 weddings a year, while working full time and not having to color balance 500-600 photos each week is a godsend.

I tell everyone I can about your product and suggest they purchase one for their cameras. I just wanted to tell you how important the ExpoDisc has become and it goes right along with my flashmeter all the time."

- Mike Rushing

“It should be illegal to shoot a digital camera professionally without an ExpoDisc or they should ship one with every DSLR."

- Claude Jodoin - Tech writer for RANGEFINDER

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