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ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide
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ExpoAperture2 Metric 2 Disc Kit
ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide

Depth of Field Guide:

Standard Disc covers 10-135mm focal length lenses

Telephoto Disc covers 70-600mm focal length lenses (2 Disc Kit Only)

• Available in Metric, or Imperial distance units

• Made in the USA



• Quickly calculate depth of field

• Quickly calculate hyperfocal distance

• Quickly select best aperture for desired depth of field

• Uses aperture, focal length, and adjusts for sensor / film size

• Can be used with most DSLR cameras

• Can be used with film cameras from 35mm half frame to 8x10



• Depth of Field Guide (in either Metric or Imperial distance units)

• Storage pouch

• Quick Start Guide

• Camera sensor size / film format quick reference chart


The IMPERIAL (US) version is currently out of stock as we transition to a new product design.  The distance scale on the Imperial ExpoAperture2 is measured in feet and inches as opposed to meters and centimeters.