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Digital Photo Superguide: ExpoCap

from PCWorld Magazine, 11/23/2005

What color is white? Your digital camera must answer that question every time it takes a picture. To a camera white looks different indoors, outdoors, at sunset, and at high noon. Unfortunately, when running on full automatic settings, most digital cameras get it wrong about as often as they get it right--a major reason so many pictures have obvious color problems.

Just snap the opaque cap onto the front of your camera lens, and then set your camera's white balance. Unlike most white-balance aids, the ExpoCap gives your pictures a slightly warmer tone, which translates into better skin tones in pictures of people.

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New Gear That has Impressed Our Editors

New Gear That has Impressed Our Editors

from Popular Photography Magazine, 11/5/2005

Warm it up Do your portraits look a bit cold? You can adjust the color in Photoshop after you shoot. But a custom white balance helps to get it right in the camera. With ExpoImaging’s new ExpoCap, you can make a slightly warmed custom white balance in a snap.

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