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Strobist Review: The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting

from Strobist, 4/13/2009

On The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting:

The content...is timeless. The clothing styles may scream 1980's, but the lighting techniques are just as valid today as they ever were.

And unless someone repeals the laws that govern light and physics, they will continue to be applicable for the foreseeable future...

That's because he was (is) such a good teacher. And he doesn't just teach you a bag of tricks, either. Along the way, you learn how to think about light. Midway through the DVD's you find yourself anticipating the solutions to the lighting problems he faces.

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The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting
with Dean Collins

The Best of Dean Collins on Lighting DVD set features the late Dean Collins, one of the most celebrated educators of lighting and camera techniques in the industry. This DVD set teaches lighting and composition with easy to understand techniques created by the grand master of professional photography. It's about timeless concepts that impact the quality of the final photograph, whether captured on film or by digital. Over 6 hours of training on four DVD video discs. This program is a digital remix of the original Dean Collins Lighting Videos. $179.00

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3 Dimensional Contrast 3 Dimensional Contrast
by Dean Collins

This all-new DVD based on Dean Collin's original 3-Dimensional Contrast covers lighting for photography and video production in the digital age. It is taught by two of the few people qualified to teach Dean's techniques - Tim Mantoani and Bill Holshevnikoff, two of Dean's closest friends and best students who have since developed highly successful careers. $59.00

Senior Portraits Made Simple
with Clay Blackmore

The High School Senior market is one of the largest and fastest growing segments in portraiture. Mastering the techniques taught here is vital to the successful portrait photographer. In this information packed DVD Clay Blackmore, a master of classical portraiture, shows you timeless techniques for taking portraits of High School Seniors. Also included is a CD-Rom with videos showing you exactly how the images are retouched and optimized in Photoshop. $125.00

Bridal Portraits That Sell
with Clay Blackmore

In wedding photography you have to get it right every time and with these surefire techniques you will consistently get great portraits. These methods are required knowledge for any wedding photographer! In this information packed DVD Clay Blackmore, a master of classical portraiture, shows you timeless techniques for taking Bridal portraits that will make any bride and groom look great. Also included is a CD-Rom with videos showing you exactly how the images are retouched and optimized in Photoshop. $125.00

The Art of Available Light
with Judy Host

For most photographers one of the most important elements of any portrait is lighting. The question is always where will that lighting come from. The answer to this question for me is always the same, wherever I can find it. There is also impact, creativity, style, composition, presentation, color balance, unique storytelling and the list goes on. In this DVD Judy demonstrates for you many different kinds of lighting and how to use these lighting styles. $99.00

Location Lighting for the Wedding Photographer
with Ken Sklute

Ken methodically explains his location lighting techniques so you can learn how he works with his surroundings to make award-winning images. From there he teaches his guidelines for working with the bride and groom, and preparing for the day. Also included is vital information on how to work with an assistant and what equipment to use. These are the exact methods Ken uses to keep the big day running smooth without missing a shot. This is invaluable information for any established or aspiring wedding photographer. $149.00

Lighting Essentials
with Jack Reznicki

In Lighting Essentials, Canon explorer of light Jack Reznicki shows the techniques that made him one of the top commercial photographers around. You will learn his thoughts and techniques on studio strobe lighting, how to make it look natural, and how to get many different “looks” from just one light. Jack’s insights are perfect for someone who has little experience with artificial lighting, or for the pro who wants to add some new ideas to their photography.$99.00


- Dean Collins
- Clay Blackmore
- Judy Host
- Ken Sklute