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Digital Photo Superguide: ExpoCap

from PCWorld Magazine, 11/23/2005

What color is white? Your digital camera must answer that question every time it takes a picture. To a camera white looks different indoors, outdoors, at sunset, and at high noon. Unfortunately, when running on full automatic settings, most digital cameras get it wrong about as often as they get it right--a major reason so many pictures have obvious color problems.

Just snap the opaque cap onto the front of your camera lens, and then set your camera's white balance. Unlike most white-balance aids, the ExpoCap gives your pictures a slightly warmer tone, which translates into better skin tones in pictures of people.

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The left image was taken on an overcast day using a Canon 20D's Auto WB setting. The right image was taken using an ExpoCap custom white balance.

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"We created the ExpoCap to bring great custom white balance results to amateur photographers." ...

Erik Sowder, President - ExpoImaging, Inc.

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ExpoCap Custom White Balance Aid

"Photographers... now seem content to leave their digital cameras in a white balance mode that is at best a crap shoot and at worst completely inaccurate... Thankfully, a company called ExpoImaging is working very hard to make the process of getting a custom white balance so easy that it would be criminal to avoid the process."

David Schloss. PDN (Photo District News), December 2005.

The ExpoCap Custom White Balance Aid is a convenient white balancing tool designed for use with fixed lens prosumer and entry-level digital SLR cameras.

Whether printing directly from the camera, e-mailing photos, or just wanting to avoid color correction software, the ExpoCap makes getting better color easy. Simply place the ExpoCap in front of the lens and capture the incident light (the light falling on the subject) through it to set the camera's custom white balance.

Even the best digital cameras are incapable of consistently delivering accurate color without the user performing a custom white balance. Auto (AWB) and preset white balance functions often produce maddeningly inconsistent results. Images shot without a correct white balance may have unnatural looking red, yellow or blue tints that are time consuming and difficult, if not impossible to correct.

Recognizing the importance of custom white balance to good color, digital camera manufacturers have designed their cameras to take advantage of a custom white balance. A custom white balance calibrates the camera to the exact color temperature of light illuminating the subject.

Each ExpoCap is constructed of a durable black ring mount securing an assembly of carefully selected acrylic materials. It is designed to fit over the end of the lens during the custom white balance procedure, and may be quickly secured in place by means of squeezing two small buttons on the exterior of the filter ring.

The ExpoCap Custom White Balance Aid is being discontinued and is now only available in the 58mm and 67mm filter sizes at prices ranging from $49.95 to $54.95.

Note, the hand calibrated ExpoDisc is also available for those photographers who require precise color reproduction and an 18% light transmission.

 Features and Benefits  ExpoCap  ExpoDisc Neutral  ExpoDisc Portrait
 Neutral (+/-2%)    
 18% Light Transmission  
 Set and Check Exposure (Middle Zone V)  
 Better in Mixed Light  
 Post Production Color Balance with RAW Image Files
 Produces Great Color on JPEG Image Files
 Easy Dust Identification
 Warmed Image File  
 Functions as a Lens Cap    
 Lanyard Strap Attached  
 Exposure and Printing Tool for Film   


- Improves Color in Digital Photos
- Functions as a Lens Cap