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The Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster

from Photo Life, 6/1/2014

"The results that I obtained when testing the Rogue Safari were extremely impressive, on average achieving the desired extra light levels that a pop-up flash cannot output on its own."

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Rogue Safari provides enough light to illuminate subjects in deep shade where images are often otherwise underexposed.

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Rogue Safari

• Quickly attaches to DSLR hot shoe

• No batteries required

• Made in USA.  Weighs 2 oz.

• Optimized for Lenses >100mm

We are proud to announce a new and unique tool for DSLR pop-up flash, the Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster.

Designed for use with entry-level and mid-level Canon APS-C and Nikon DX DSLR cameras, the Rogue Safari is optimized for lens focal lengths over 100mm and optically engineered to focus up to 8x more light from a DSLR's pop-up flash.

Molded from rugged polycarbonate materials, Safari is designed to travel as a durable companion to your DSLR.  The Safari's spring mount attaches securely to the DSLR's hot shoe.

Extend the range of your pop-up flash

Rogue Safari is capable of boosting light without the use of batteries to greatly increase the available flash power at extended distances.

Current DSLR pop-up flashes provide enough light for close to mid-range photographs, but fall short throwing light far enough to capture subjects at longer range. That extra light can make the difference between a sharp image with good color, and an underexposed missed opportunity.

Gain up to 8x more light

Safari is designed to work with crop-sensor (APS-C/DX) Canon and Nikon DSLRs. While the Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster is compatible with the vast majority of modern DSLRs, please refer to the complete Safari compatibility list to verify your camera's compatibility.

Also, check out the Rogue Safari FAQ at RogueFlash.com.

Rogue Safari is patent pending.

Check out our new Rogue product sites at RogueFlash.com and RogueSafari.com.