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The Rogue Flashbender Diffusion Panels

from Robert Harrington Studios, 11/6/2011

"These diffusers turn the versatile Flashbender into a mini softbox, and they are amazing!"

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Rogue Large and Small Soft Box Kits. FlashBender Reflectors with attached Diffusion Panels.

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Photographers love the soft, diffuse light you typically get from a good soft box.  But for photographers who prefer to travel light, our new Rogue Diffusion Panels attach to the Rogue FlashBender Large and Small reflectors, and like softboxes, are designed to produce a softer, less specular light. ...

Erik Sowder - ExpoImaging, Inc.

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Rogue Soft Box Kits

Create a Soft Box, Bounce Flash, or Snoot

Image Copyright © 2011 Jim Schmelzer

3 Light Set Up:
1) Large Soft Box on main light
2) Large Reflector on hair light
3) Rogue Grid attached to background light

In Studio or on location, the Rogue Large Soft Box Kit and Rogue Small Soft Box Kit give photographers creative lighting control using speedlights, making a low profile soft box or a multi-surface reflector.  This durable, compact system of flash modifers packs flat and takes up very little room in a gear bag.

The FlashBender Reflector allows you to control directional light by bouncing, curving, and reflecting the light where you want it.  Roll it into a snoot to create targeted spot lighting.

The Diffusion Panel Attachment is used in combination with the FlashBender to create more directional light than the base reflector alone, directing light forward and preventing it from going straight up.  The diffusion fabric reduces specular highlights making for a beautiful main light for portraiture.

The Silver/Black Reflector Attachment (only available in the Large Soft Box Kit) is used with the Large FlashBender to create a higher contrast light than the base reflectors medium contrast white material.  The black side of the attachment can be used as a large flag, providing limited reflectivity while the light is directed forward along the reflectors edge.

Rogue FlashBenders, Diffusion Panel, and the Large Silver/Black Reflector are available packaged together in kits and are also available individually for photographers who already own the FlashBender. 
Soft Box Kits are discounted over the individually priced items.

Rogue FlashBenders, Diffusion Panels, and the Large Silver/Black Attachment are available for purchase separately.  To Buy Online click HERE.

Small Soft Box Kit Contents:

*Small FlashBender Reflector
*Small Diffusion Panel

Price - $49.95

Use the FlashBender Reflector to bounce, flag, snoot, and shape the light from a small flash.  Attach the Diffusion Panel to create a low profile soft box.  The Small Soft Box Kit is great for on-camera use.

When attached to the Small FlashBender the Small Diffusion Panel measures 9" x 4.5" (229mm x 114mm).

Large Soft Box Kit Contents:

*Large FlashBender Reflector
*Large Diffusion Panel
*Large Silver/Black Reflector Attachment

Price - $64.95

Use the FlashBender Reflector to bounce, flag, snoot, and shape the light from a small flash.  Attach the Diffusion Panel to create a low profile soft box.  Attach the Silver reflector to add more contrast and increase light output.  The Large Soft Box Kit was designed with off camera use in mind, but it can be used on camera as well.

When attached to the Large FlashBender the Large Diffusion Panel measures 9" x 8" (229mm x 203mm)

Soft and Even Light

Rogue Diffusion Panels produce an even light across their surface, measuring differences of approximately 1/2 f-stop from center to corner.  When attached to a FlashBender Reflector, Diffusion Panels show a negligible light loss compared to the bare reflector.

Rogue Diffusion Panels Attach Easily to Rogue FlashBender Reflectors

Rogue Diffusion Panels attach quickly using hook and loop sewn along the edges of each piece.

Small FlashBender Small Diffusion Panel  
Large FlashBender Large Diffusion Panel Large Silver/Black Attachment


- Mulit-functional
- Packs flat