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'Portrait Lighting with Speedlights: In Studio & On Location' with Robert Harrington

'Portrait Lighting with Speedlights: In Studio & On Location' with Robert Harrington

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, join Bob Harrington for this interactive, hands-on lighting workshop.

Whether you shoot portraits, weddings, fashion, events, or anything in between, you need to know how to control and direct light where you need it.  Once you've mastered speedlights you'll be able to manipulate light in any situation to create the images you want.

After a brief introduction, slide show, and Q&A session, Bob will demonstrate the following techniques:

* One light and multiple light set-ups
* Mixing different light sources
* Mixing on-camera with off-camera flash
* Flash modification using reflectors, grids, snoots, and bounce cards
* Figuring out exposure:  Aperture, Shutter, ISO, and flash output
* Gelling your flash for both color correction and color enhancement

Come and shoot with a model to put these techniques to the test!  Don't miss this opportunity to get first hand instruction and apply these skills alongside a working professional.

Bring your camera and flash!

Visit www.expoimaging.com/events for a list of upcoming lighting workshops from Robert Harrington and the other talented lighting instructors we are honored to work with.
Info about Robert Harrington:

Bob is a headshot, corporate, editorial, and food photographer who also specializes in teaching photography and off-camera flash.

Bob is a firm believer in using speedlights for most of his work and has had great success using and teaching these techniques to help others explore their creative sides.

Bob's Blog

Robert Harrington Studio

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